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Impact of Gambling On Australian Culture

If we consider Australian life then starting from racetracks, to lotteries, tote, casinos, gaming machines and so on, gambling has become one of the most important aspect of Australian life. Now the question arises why Australian such passionate gamblers? And above all, why the Australian society exhibits such an abnormal degree of tolerance towards gambling?

Gambling culture in Australia: The gaming culture in Australia can be defined in three words thrills, spills and social ills. If you take a look on the past as well as the present condition, you will come to know that in various major forms the impact of gambling as explored in various forms on Australian society.

Unlike an other country, almost all forms of gambling is legal in Australia. You will be amaze to know that as compared to any other society, Australians loss more money per adult. There are a number of typical online sites, which are created with the sole object of highlighting the remarkable significance of gambling on Australian life style. These sites specifically target the registered clubs, casinos, bookmakers’ ring, the hotels, the TAB and so on. Gambling has played an important role for enhancing the national history by adding notable places as well as people who have contributed in designing colorful racing identities.

The exhibition has highlighted about several controversies and personalities, due to which gambling has become one of the essential parts of life of people living in Australia. In addition, the exhibition has portrayed about some of the essential modern social issues being created by gambling culture of the country. This has been resulted in the exploration of various issues associated with problem gambling, it’s essential social and personal consequences of problem gambling. In addition to this, Australian government has introduced some of the strategies for decreasing the harm caused by problem gambling. Moreover, an educational component of Australia has given prime focus on informing youngsters about various issues associated with problem gambling.

Other parts of the exhibition would highlight the ancient gambling activities in the form of dice games, which have been originated from various cultures in China, Egypt, Rome and Greece. In addition, exhibition has highlighted playing cards, which have been originating in Korea, Japan and China. Marco Polo has brought all of these ancient gambling games to Europe.

A wide range of memorabilia from the gambling world is fantastically displayed. These incorporate the poker machines, which were found in the 1900s, bookmakers’ bags that are specifically used by Robbie and Bill Waterhouse, other than this the ancient totalisator machines, which was designed by George Julius and including all the Australian invention. This exclusive exhibition also incorporates various beautiful paintings and photographs by some well-known artists.

With the help of interactive displays, visitors have get huge opportunity for discovering various theories and probability practices involved in many types of gambling activities. These practices have explored the functions of Keno, Lotto and many other popular games of casino. Moreover, the exhibition has provided information about various sources, from which problem gambling players may get some help and assistance for overcoming such problem-gambling situation.

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