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Overview of Gambling Environment in Australia

Australia is a home for more than 400 casinos and events of racing tracks. In fact, this country has one among the best gambling event scenes across the world. Sydney is the capital city of Australia, It is a home for both renowned Star City Casino and Crown Casino. Some of the poker pros as Tony G. and Joe Hachem are the main reasons for attraction towards gambling activities of Australia. In addition, on every year, Australia conducts a popular poker tournament titled as ‘Aussie Millions’ for their poker fans. This exclusive tournament is highly capable of providing highest value of buy-ins for the lucky punters. Apart from all, the most interesting feature of Australian gambling environment is that Australian citizens could enjoy various gambling activities and drinks after crossing their legal age of 18 years.

About Gambling Activities of Australia
Almost every type of gambling events is legally done and has grabbed huge popularity in the country of Australia. One every year, average players of Australia suffer losses by approximately $1,000 on any of the gambling events. This implies that the people of Australia suffer more losses in gambling activity as compared to any other activity of the country. During the previous 25 years, this number has drastically increased in Australia. In fact, Australians used to spend huge amount of money on gambling activities as compared to cultural, sports and any other entertaining events.

Structure of Australia
Although, Australia is the smallest country of the world, but still the country has incorporated 6 states, 2 territories at the mainland and large numbers of small territories. The 6 states of Australia are South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Western Australia. The mainland territory of Australia is composed of Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. Lastly, minor Australian territories include Cocos Islands, Norfolk Island and Christmas Island, along with large numbers of uninhabited islands.

Losses in Gambling Activities at Each Sector of Australia
Every year, citizens of Northern territories of Australia suffered massive losses based on their per capita income. In fact, these residents of Australia suffered an approximate loss of $1,576 on each of the gambling activities such as casino games, slots, events of horse racing and lotteries. On every year, people of Victoria in Australia used to spend approximately $1,180 and citizens of New South Wales suffered loss of $1,212 in various gambling games. However, citizens of Western part of Australia suffered minimum loss of $450 (approx.) on yearly basis. This is because, state of Australia do not give permission to play games in the pubs and nightclubs. In addition, states of Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia have suffered per head loss of $850, $820 and $725 respectively. This implies that these states are below the national average losses suffered by the country of Australia.

Improvement in Gambling Situation of Australia
For the period starting from 2004 and ending in 2005, country of Australia has received 56% of their total earnings in gambling activities from machines of casino games. This is because; casino gambling has resulted in increase of 17%, horse and dog racing have raised to 13% and football games have increased to 9%. Therefore, from the month of June 2005, Australia has employed more than 75,000 employees in gambling sector. In addition, most of these employees have shown their involvement with hospitality clubs and pubs. During this time period only, more than 5,000 business organizations have provided various gambling services to Australia.

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