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Facts and Figures Regarding Gambling Environment of Australia

The games of video slots and poker are very much popular in the country of Australia. Although, pokies and video slots are played by most of the players in the country of Australia, but still many of them are unaware about the facts associated with these casino games. Therefore, with the help of this article, we have attempted to highlight some of the facts about both video slots and online poker games. Furthermore, we have highlighted the reasons that why players cannot register massive winnings for long time, while playing video slots.

Essential Figures Regarding Gambling Activities in Australia
The country of Australia has incorporated more than 20% of the casino gaming machines across the world. In fact, you may find 200,000 slot machines in the country of Australia. New South Wales is one of the renowned states in Australia, which is famous for conducting slot games. This well-known Australian state has incorporated approximately 100,300 of total slot machines found in the country of Australia. Currently, the population of Australia is 2 crores (approx). This implies that each of the slot machines is available for approximately 100 Australians. However, approximately 3,00,000 Australian residents are facing one of the serious issue of problem gambling. In addition, 40% of the adults in Australia have preferred to play poker games. Poker games in the country of Australia have highlighted average payout percentage ranging from minimum 90% to maximum 92%. Australian casino games have provided approximate chances of winning the jackpot with 1 line and with 20 lines as 1/50,000,000 and 1/2,500,000 respectively. The analysis regarding the figures associated with gambling activities in Australia have further highlighted that players can receive the highest jackpot amount worth $10,000, while playing in any of the casino pub. Lastly, figures have highlighted that on each year, majority of Australian gamblers lose $350 dollars, while most of the problem gamblers suffer loss of $12,000.

Some Essential Facts About Gambling Industry of Australia
One of the essential facts, which the Australian players should keep in their minds while playing on slot machines is that all the slot machines offer payout percentage less than 100%. Any of the gambling activities offering payout less than 100% will definitely result in losing all of the money, in case of playing for long duration of time. On the other hand, some of the slot machine players are only short term winners. These players achieve their success in winning huge progressive jackpots while playing for only a small duration of time. Secondly, the players should keep in their minds that each of the gaming spin takes place in random manner. This means that spins have no relation with the previous spins. Each and every gaming spins have similar type of shot for winning the highest amount of jackpot and any other massive prizes. From this fact, we can say that you will have no guarantee to win the game, even when you have suffered losses for a long time. Moreover, players will have no way of registering their winnings on pokies in the long run. This may result in worse condition of the players. This is because; players can have highest winning in any of the pub to maximum $10,000. Therefore, on analyzing the winning odds, we have observed that the actual winning amount is very small as compared to pokies. In fact, the players may have similar winning chances in lottery games, from which they could obtain massive prizes. In conclusion, we can say that it is the gambling operators as casinos, pubs and clubs who are the real winners in gambling activities of Australia. Moreover, the topmost winner is government, accumulating billion dollars from casinos as gambling taxes.

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