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Online pokies playing tips

First, you have made the right decision to play online pokies because that is where the real money is. The payout rates are very high and they are tilted to the benefit of the player. The good thing about playing online pokies is that you only need to have your PC and internet connection and then in whichever part of Australia that you might be, you are going to enjoy your game and possibly win astounding amounts of AU$.

This is very simple to understand because when you play in the local pub or in the live casino. The odds are tilted more in favour of the establishment and therefore your chances of winning are virtually nil. Unless you happen to get a machine that is due for a payout, then most likely you will be better able to understand the meaning of ‘one armed bandit’ after you get robbed of all of your money with little or nothing to show for it. Online casinos on the other hand have got very little overheads and therefore you will stand more chance of winning some substantial cash. As you continue winning in online pokies, jot down somewhere every win that you make and at the end of your session, you will see that it really was worth it.

What you should understand as a player of online pokies is that every outcome is random because it is generated by the random number generator (RNG). The RNG determines the outcome of every spin that you make. There are many varieties of online pokies and in most cases you are going to even find some that are new every month. For a new person, he/she might be stunned at the colourfulness that is associated with online pokies but this is because most of them are created in colourful themes that help in setting your mood perfectly. Such themes include games, movies etc.

Before you start playing online pokies it is important that you check out the payout percentage of the casino. The casinos that we have today with permission to operate in Australia mostly have payouts of between 95% and 98%. The higher the payout is, then the more chance you have got of winning more money. The payout percentage simply means that up to 98% of all the bets placed are won back. However, this is not necessarily so for each person, because the payout depends on the lifetime of a machine.

As a tip, always try out the online pokies that are offering progressive jackpots as there is a higher chance of winning big cash amounts in these games. However, in order to qualify for progressive jackpots you are required to be a consistent player and a big bettor because after every spin in your session, you must get maximum credits. As opposed to traditional payouts only, there are now many online pokies that have got many special bonuses to be won. They offer the player a higher chance of winning.

If you want to play small and win big in online pokies, go for online casinos that offer you amazing deposit bonuses. It is only at such casinos that you can play with a limited bankroll that will be boosted by the various bonuses that you will get as you play.

Whenever you play online pokies, always make sure that you get in touch with the customer support team in case you encounter any difficulty. If you are in Australia, you are lucky because you will find that most online casinos offer you a toll free telephone number that you can use to get into contact with customer support staff. Usually, the customer staff people will be on call 24/7.

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