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The online casino gaming industry in Australia

The Australian Market became an immediate hotspot for online gaming the moment it started. This industry had been developing at a remarkable rate in the ‘90s when the games were in their establishment period. Among the first casinos to be licensed was Lasseters, who were taking bets from clients in the country. The growing trend was on the rise for some time before it broke down, but the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act changed the eGaming industry in Australia.

The 2001 Interactive Gambling Act is an act that is somewhat complex to understand. This is because the Act allows Australians to engage in gambling online. Nonetheless, there is not a single casino that has the mandate to offer betting games to Australians. This act was established by the Australian authorities as a means of protecting its citizens from online scammers seeking to exploit their money. There are also clients who were betting to the level that they became addicted to gambling. This Act is a countermeasure that seeks to reduce this kind of situation from happening. The Act is effective for all casinos - both local and offshore-based casinos.

Australians have been debating and seeking to be allowed to bet online. Opponents to making gambling industry free and independent in Australia are claiming that online casino sites have offensive material that is not suitable for children. This argument is however weak, since online casinos are only accessible to mature people. Since children are not allowed to gamble online, the adult material in these sites are appropriate. The Act does not restrict anyone from playing online games, but it outlines measures that will prevent clients from gambling beyond their capacity. It also shields gamers from scammers seeking to exploit them.

In this regard, there are some casinos that are located in Australia. These casinos are among those that are recording the highest traffic in the industry. A high code of ethics is observed by these casinos, since the government is keen on protecting its citizens from exploitation by the eGaming industry. The machines and games offered are controlled to ensure that gamers are given a fair challenge in the game. As a result of the fairness observed at these casinos, a lot of clients have turned to these casinos as an alternative to the gaming industry. Gamers exceed those who play in UK and American casinos. The number of clients is also growing and no signs of a setback have yet arisen.

Since online casino gaming in Australia has proven to be a profitable business, there are a lot of casinos that are already on the way to benefiting from this market. Other casinos have been trying to use media marketing to get a share of this market. Besides the fair gaming policies offered in Australia, gamers are also attracted by the software that these casinos use. A number of these casinos are powered by Microgaming. This company is a world leader in the production of gaming software. All the leading casinos are powered by software from this company. In total, there are more than 480 online casinos located in Oceania. A large percentage of these casinos are located in Australia. The payouts offered by some of these online casinos are far better than those offered by brick and mortar casinos.

Despite there being strict rules regulating online casino gaming, information from reliable sources claim that 4% of total Australian revenue collected comes from online gaming. Nonetheless, the government maintains that the priority of income is not supposed to be put ahead of its citizens and that is why the rules remain tough - to avoid exploitation of clients.

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