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One of Australia’s most popular casino games is craps. This game has become very popular and more and people are joining day in and day out. Learning how craps is played and the basics of the game is not enough for you to reap the results of the game. The game’s strategy is essential in helping to make a lot of wins. You need to learn the odds that characterize the rolling of particular numbers.

As a shooter in craps, making instant wins only requires rolling number seven or eleven. Rolling the number 7 has a high probability at 5-1, as this is likely to be the outcome in most cases because there exists several ways of rolling these numbers more than any other number. On the other hand, avoid rolling 2, 3 or 12, because this will result in an instant loss. 2 and 12 have the least probability of generating gains when rolled and should be avoided. As you can see, mastering the game is very easy and winning stakes only requires grasping a few basics.

Only four ways exist for rolling losing craps, but the chances of making wins double the chances of losing. This explains the popularity of this game and it’s the sole reason why most people don’t hesitate to learn the game. The game can be played at an extremely basic level using only low bets. Craps contains the best of bets you can ever get and has very low house edge compared to other existing games. This is one of the facts behind craps’ popularity to both novice payers and experts who have been in the game for a long time.

Keeping what is referred to as the house edge low is important and requires learning the three bet types in craps. They include odds bets, passline bet and come bet. You need to know how these bets work for you to be able to generate substantial results.

The passline bet is probably used in a casino environments more compared to the other craps bets. You have the responsibility of making the come bet roll. This is the first roll that a shooter makes. Therefore, winning the game is as simple as placing your bet and then placing 7 or 11 on the next roll. Respectively, if a shooter rolls two, three or twelve, he will automatically win the game. The odds bet can follow the passline bet and this happens after a shooter gets the point bet manifested on the craps board. Casinos provide double bets on odds. Learning this betting style is very important and those who understand it clearly achieve wins very quickly and on a regular basis. The next important bet is the come bet. This resembles the passline bet and the only difference is that the come bet isn’t played immediately following the initial roll. It’s played when a shooter tries repeating his/her come-out roll result. Contrary to the usual, they will win the game if they roll a 7 as well as an 11. To make sure you secure the win, having a passline bet is necessary.

A clear understanding of these basics followed by an understanding of craps strategies will make one eventually become an expert player in the game. Craps is a game of thinkers and those who manage to grasp the idea become potential competitors in major tournaments, walking away with enormous benefits. Remember, the more you play the game, the more you advance your skills and the more winnings you make. Many people have very little trust in casinos and more often than not treat them as scams, but this perception can change for the better if you understand how to play craps.