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Privacy Policy

1. Liability limitations: www.OnlineCasinoAU.com will not pay for any losses that arise from using the site. The user is responsible for the outcome. This covers any case where you loss some valuable information or incur damages in any way. Any claims that might be made by the third party are not a responsibility of www.OnlineCasinoAU.com.

2. Other sites: You should know that you responsible for any links to the third part and its contents. www.OnlineCasinoAU.com does not have control over such links. You should be the one to check out the contents and verify that it is appropriate or not.

3. Customers’ policies: www.OnlineCasinoAU.com respects the confidential information about a client who is registered online. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that the information that is entrusted to us is well protected. We take upon us to explain to a client how we are going to achieve this.

4. The user: You have to agree with our terms and conditions before you can begin using our site. www.OnlineCasinoAU.com will use the private information for purpose that it meant for. If you do not agree with this, it is up to you as a client to quit the site. You should send an email and request to be de-registered. The company reserves the mandate to change the details about the privacy policy. You should agree with the new changes and keep on checking for any new ones that may have been added. You will get an informing note through your email if there are some changes of this kind.

5. Open massages: If you post anything on the site, it will be open for public view. You should consider the kind of details to tell on the site. You have to understand that the information on the notice boards is viewed by just about anyone. It can be used to send you some kind of emails that you have not subscribed to. You should know that we cannot control this. You should exercise care in the way you write your message in the open forums on the site.

6. Customer options: We can use your contacts to send you information about changes in the site or even new products from our company. In some cases, you have to subscribe but in others, we do it to communicate with you. You have an option to decline this. However, it remains open for the important messages that concern you. If you want to shut off these kinds of communications, then you can contact the communication department of our company. The account will be used for the things that you have to know such as the balance and other enquiries that you might make. You have to accept the fact that we outsource some services from some other companies to carry out some processes for us. You should be ready to hear from such companies but they will let you know that they are working with us.

7. You have to protect your privacy. You should not reveal your account details to anyone else. If you are not supportive in this, then the situation gets out control from our end. You should be careful when you are giving your personal information online.

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