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Class 1 Casino

While many people might say - and correctly so - that this casino is the newest kid on the block, who said that being a newbie is not good? The best thing about coming last is that you can incorporate the characteristics of all the other pre-existing casinos and take the best out of them. This is what Class 1 Casino has done, and now it provides unique gaming experiences for all Australians.

This is the casino that was made with the Australian in mind. While other casinos have allowed Australians on board as a last resort, this one was made with them in the picture and that is why it is proving to be more popular in Australia than anywhere else. Class 1 Casino is the zenith of sophistication in online gaming, style, variety and professionalism combined.

300% bonuses

If you are a player who has a slim bankroll but you really like a good game, this is your casino. Consider it as the one online casino where you are paid to play. In this world, it might be hard to comprehend this, but what would you call a 300% bonus which, though non-cashable, will boost your bankroll a long way? It is true that other online casinos in Australia are good because they offer you a 100% matching bonus, but Class 1 Casino is the best, because it gives you one of the highest.

Talk about a deal being too good! For the first deposit that you make through the Moneybookers transaction route, you are going to get an additional deposit bonus of 33%. In all, you get casino credits worth of 333% bonus on your first deposit. No wonder every Australian is dying to play there.

As well as giving players a whopping deposit bonus on their sign up, playing in this online casino is very rewarding. There are other cash prizes that you will win along the way, as well as goods and electronics.

As a player you will get a shot at all of their progressive jackpots - and win too. Of late, Australians have been on a jackpot winning spree, taking home millions in cash. This could well be you too.

The gaming system

If you are a consistent player, you know how frustrating some online casinos can be. With others, downloading a single suite of games can take you hours on end but here, it takes a matter of minutes and then you are on your way to enjoying a great game. When looking for a casino that understands the Australians love for speed and value, this is it. Changing from one game to another is fast, no delays are experienced. Of all the games that you can play here, there is a good chance of you winning the pot money while you make low minimum bets.

And who said that Australians are only good for online pokies? Class 1 Casino is out to prove that they can play any game that is put before them as well. You will be spoilt for variety, which is quite wide here. You can enjoy roulette, online pokies, blackjack and many others.

Powered by the famous Playtech gaming software which has proved its worth in the market, it is very easy to download the software into your computer anywhere in Australia and start playing immediately, without any qualms of the system crashing. Looking for value for you money? Find it here, now.

Security and customer support

Honestly, some things are better left unsaid because they defy any words that could do them justice. This is the case with security at Class 1 Casino, as there is no hacking or identity theft.

Reach customer support staff on their toll free number in Australia, or by fax, email or have a live chat with them in case you need help with your currency conversion, deposits, bonuses and withdrawals. Happy playing!
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