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Terms And Conditions

Liability: The operators of www.OnlineCasinoAU.com do not take up any liability for any kind of shortcomings or failures that an online player may experience when using this site. This is a site that provides entertainment and anything that is found in the site is meant to help you have fun.

Information: The use of the information in this site at the risk of the reader. We should not be held responsible for any kind of loss or negative impact that can result when one uses the website. All the contents based on the networking ability of the www.OnlineCasinoAU.com as a platform to share information and express opinions. The www.OnlineCasinoAU.com tries as much as possible to offer the actual information with precise accuracy but in case a gap in the facts arises, we do not assume any responsibility for the incorrectness.

Indecency: www.OnlineCasinoAU.com and its management do not uphold the practice of posting indecent behavior or activities that are against the law. Gambling has to be carried out within the provisions of the laws. It has to be morally upright. The user is required to learn about the laws that concern gambling and abide by the stipulations.

Recognitions terms: You cannot operate in a casino if you are not ready to follow the terms and conditions. You should stop playing from this site with immediate effect. The stipulations are applied to anyone who wants to be a part of the players. You should send a request to have the account closed.

Participation: You can only play the games on this site if you are a registered member. You are allowed to change your details, but you have to seek permission from us. The age is a major factor that has to be proved. You need evidence to show that you are actually of the age that you say. The description of your physical address has to be genuine and the financial details as well. If you do not offer truthful details, you will have your membership terminated. www.OnlineCasinoAU.com makes it clear that your participation can lead to gaining of money or losing it.

Accounts: You have to define the account according to your own personal details. This is the way that you will be recognized in the company. You have to include your email address and the environment on which your company is operated. www.OnlineCasinoAU.com requires you to offer genuine details and you should provide the facts as they are.

Age of participants: The legislative structures require that every casino should have a minimum age for the player that is acceptable. In line with the stipulations of www.OnlineCasinoAU.com social norms and expectations, we do not allow anyone below the age of eighteen years to play in our casino.

Login details: You are not allowed to let any other person to use your password. It is supposed to be yours alone. You are charged with the responsibility of taking care of your private details. www.OnlineCasinoAU.com cautions players against letting a third party get their login details.

Conducts: www.OnlineCasinoAU.com clearly states that you are required to carry yourself like a professional gambler. You should handle situations in the proper way and avoid the use of insulting language. You should not have an attitude towards a given group of people. The www.OnlineCasinoAU.com is an interactive site and you should be open to accept people from various regions of the world. You have to use the recommended language which is English. The www.OnlineCasinoAU.com does not agree with players who want to post personal information about other players online in the open forum.